The Concordia Caribbean Students' Union

          The Concordia Caribbean Student Union, formed in 1968, has been Concordia University's central Caribbean group for a staggering 42 years, making it one of the oldest clubs in existence at this University.

         With the help of the founders of the Union itself, along with the many executives and members that have been affiliated in any way with the CCSU, the Union has grown into one of the most reputable Caribbean groups in Montreal. Our largest event, Culture Weekend, is even nationally recognized by a large number of student unions and universities.

          With the resources available to us, along with the large Caribbean population in Montreal and the greater Canada area, we strive to educate and pass on Caribbean culture to those of non-Caribbean descent while uniting those of Caribbean descent. The members, the sole reason for this non-profit Union's existence,help maintain a vibrant Caribbean life at Concordia University. We are here by the members and for the members, we aim to cater to all those interested in our completely open membership. After all, we, the executives, are still only students trying to successfully orchestrate events for the pleasure and satisfaction of our fellow students.

          CCSU members, as well as the general public that visit this website, will obtain access to up to date information about interesting things around Montreal, this year's Culture Weekend, Black History Month, miscellaneous resources, tools for the integration of new students, music links, photos and general Caribbean – related information in Canada and Montreal: from parties to embassy contacts. This website, as is CCSU, is committed to help our members in any way we can, we are very hopeful that the website conveys this sentiment.

          This Union, formed from the largest student riot in Canadian history, is here for our general member, Caribbean culture, social integration and general empowerment and motivation of our members. Please enjoy our new website, which serves as a large milestone for the bright future of the Union, 42 years and counting.

Yours Faithfully,
Concordia Caribbean Student Union Executives 2010 – 2011